About Me

Around April 2012, I completed my Masters in Information Technology. It absolutely was an incredible experience which I learned a lot from, however I don’t intend to teach or involve professionally into research. Not yet, for now.

I have been quite an obsessive mountain biker ever since the age of fourteen. I was raised in Scotland and began bike riding as a kid in the rolling foothills of the Stob Bàn. Riding in the foothills is simply something I really do, and intend to carry on doing so long as I’m capable.

The rides have becoming longer and much more tough as time pass by. I was into endurance racing for some time, then shifted to bikepack racing after that lightbulb inside my head stopped. Most recently I’ve been discovering fresh routes much more than racing.

When I am not riding:

I manage a site regarding bike adventuring named Michael Rossiter. At times I contribute some articles to magazines and at times I go out for a day of trail layout, mapping or constructing. Not a single day is ever quite similar, and I want it like that.

My blog concentrates on motivational content and stories of my very own personal growth. I’m going to motivate other people to handle their greatest obstacles in life (and of course on the bike).