Four Best Bib Shorts for Road Racing Professionals

If you are looking over this article on the best bib shorts, you may be wondering why bib shorts are so popular with die hard road cyclists. The comical appearance of this costumes are slightly off putting to many rookie roadies, but the most experienced MTB and Road Racers have chosen this style over conventional cycling shorts for many reasons.

Superior support and comfort are the top selling points for the bib shorts. The improved “bib” design keeps the padding, chamois and shorts as a whole in place even on long rides. This leads to improved energy performance for riders who will be stacking on mile after mile.

If you are interested in the absolute best bib shorts for professional road cycling needs, this article will introduce three top tier options and what makes these a superior choice for the dedicated road racer.

1.The Assos T.Works Teamshort S7

At the top tiers of high performance cycling gear is the Assos Cycling Gear Co. Cyclists looking to improve their overall comfort while enjoying a competitive edge over the competition have invariably opted for the T.Works Teamshort S7 cycling shorts.

Crafted from innovative Type 490 fabrics, the Assos T.Works Teamshort S7 provides comfortable elasticity in a very low volume. The lightweight tight fitting fabric will reduce wind resistance and improve energy efficiency in the long run. The top quality material also provides excellent moisture wicking action to keep you dry. Wicking all moisture away from the rider’s body also keeps them safe from chafing,

The ischial tuberosity (Sits Bones) is protected from the forces of road vibration and direct jolts by a cunningly designed T.Equipe insert, used in many of Assos top selling cycling apparel. In combination with comfortable bib straps, the inserts and shorts are held in place with comfortable “elastic-free” leg grips. Road racers have larger thighs and elastic can cut off circulation.

Energy efficiency, optimal support and top quality comfort are the key selling points in the Assos T.Works Teamshort S7. Being also very pricey, the cutting edge design and performance can only be truñly appreciated by a professional and semi professional road racer.

2. Pearl Izumi Men’s Quest Bib Short

Pearl Izumi is another purveyor of fine cycling apparel with a far more accessible price than the Assos line of professional bib shorts. The “Quest” line of men’s bib shorts provide a great entry level experience to improved cycling performance with bib shorts.

The high quality polyester bib shorts feature the standard bib short design geared toward fitting a body in constant motion. The polyester itself is crafted with 4-Core technology which maximises moisture transfer and features thermal barriers that keep the cyclist warm in the cool mornings or evenings while keeping them cool during the heat of the day.

Contact between your primary contact point, the ischial tuberosity, and the seat of your bike is softened by an effective Tour 3d Chamois, which is geared toward soft contact rather than shock absorption. This makes the Pearl Izumi Quest Bib Shorts better for a dedicated road cyclist rather than the rough and tumble MTB enthusiast who will require better padding.

With a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturers, these are the best bib shorts you could find in terms of price over value. High-quality design and innovative materials are precisely suited to the needs of a serious roadie looking to take their skills to the next level.

3.Castelli 2015 Evoluzione Cycling Bib Short

Ask any serious road racer and they will all tell you the same thing about bib shorts, “It’s all about the Lycra.” The Evoluzione Cycling Bib Shorts are made from cutting edge ProDry2Strati Lycra fabrics that offer next level wicking action and increased comfort for endurance racers.

The KISS3 chamois is a prime example of how cycling technology has become greatly improved. Road racers require a chamois that will effectively reduce road vibration, but not with a large padding that can get in the way of smooth efficiency in a serious competition; it would also be great if they were ultra-soft to the touch and offered SERO abrasion. This is exactly what to expect from the KISS3 Evoluzione chamois.

Even the greenest road rookie will immediately appreciate the next level comfort offered by these superior shorts. Professional road racers will absolutely love the improved comfort, snug fit and improved wicking action keeping them dry, cool and making progress towards their endurance goals.

4. Indola Enduro Bibshorts

INDOLA-LYCRA-BIB-SHORTS-VS4Indola Mountain Biking Apparel is fantastic South African brand of cycling clothing and equipment. They make fantastic high quality gear at a much lower price than their better known international counter parts. India produces one of the best pairs of bib shorts in South Africa.

Their Enduro Bib shorts are especially well known for delivering a top class product at a fraction of the cost. The Enduro Lycra bib shorts are aimed at cyclists that are planning on spending more than 2 hours in the saddle and therefore need the added protection.

The Indola bib shorts uses an imported pad from Italy designed by a company that pioneered the one piece, three dimensional, multi layered pad. Indola adds a small layer of a special polyether closed cell foam resulting in a slightly thicker than usual top end pad. It is wonderfully comfortable and competes with the top international brands.

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