The Mountain Biking Routes – Table Mountain

The Table mountain national park in South Africa is known as one of the most scenic mountains in the world. In addition to the natural scenery on offer, the mountain also offers over 900 routes (including climbing) for mountain biking enthusiasts and hikers. As far as the location of this mountain is concerned, it is in the centre of Cape Town. It just takes a short ride from the city centre to reach the mountain. Also, if you are unable to bring your mountain bike to Cape Town, you can rent a high quality mountain bike from one of the many cycling stores operating in the city centre.

As mentioned in the beginning, there are over 900 routes that can be mixed and matched for a variety of experiences. More than 1500 species of different plants are there on the Table Mountain. You will also encounter a variety of wildlife including tortoises, frogs, mongoose as well as many species of birds and reptiles. It is also important to mention here that there are more than 20 species of snakes on the mountain and the snakes are highly active in the summer months from October to April. Therefore, you need to be careful and avoid biking through long grass, especially during the summer months.

You also need to be cautious when you stop for breaks. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to carry your mountain bike on the top of the mountain but you can reach the summit through a cable car or you can also hike to the top.

As far as choosing the best Table mountain mountain biking routes is concerned, there are a number of resources available online that can help you in choosing the best routes. There are a number of websites from where you can download the best mountain biking routes to experience the thrill of riding on one of the most scenic mountains in the world. You can get a free copy of the bike routes from the Tourism board of the state as well as the local bike shop or from the visitor centre. Do not forget to scan a copy of the map onto your smart phone.

Mountain biking can be dangerous and there have been reports of attacks and muggings around the national park which means you need to take special precautions to ensure that you remain safe and have a pleasant experience while mountain biking. One of the first things you need to do is to choose one of the recommended routes to enjoy the natural wonders on offer. It is also important to make sure that you do not bike alone and always bike in the group.

You should also choose the route carefully and it is important that you stick to the route to make sure that you are never alone. It is also recommended to inform someone of your biking route as well as the time they should expect you back. You should never split up when you are lost and in such situations, it is best to retrace your steps and go back to where you started. In case you are forced to stop due to bad weather, it is important that you stay together as a group and find the closest shelter to save yourself from wind and rain.

You should always carry enough water and food with you, especially in the summer months. Also, carry a fully charged smart phone and an extra battery to make sure that you can always use your cell phone when needed. Since the mountain lies in the centre of Cape Town, you may not need to ask for directions when you begin your journey. However, it is important that you choose your route when you reach the Rollercoaster. On this route, you will pass through a quarry and you can cycle to explore the southern suburbs of the city on your mountain bike.

Overall, there are a number of scenic routes on offer on Table mountain when it comes to mountain biking. It is important that you follow the above mentioned tips to make sure that you remain safe and have a pleasant experience when you are visiting Table Mountain.

If you do not want to go exploring on your own, think about join a Cape Town bicycle tour run by one of the many cycling companies based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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